CBO’s Panel of Economic Advisers, 2018

Posted by
Keith Hall
June 5, 2018

The Congressional Budget Office learns from many outside experts. For example, we work with our Panel of Economic Advisers to learn about important analytical issues in the advisers’ areas of expertise and to obtain feedback to the agency about its economic forecast. In addition, from time to time during the year, CBO calls on members of those panels for advice in how to address analytical questions that arise in the preparation of studies and cost estimates. Although such experts provide considerable assistance, CBO is solely responsible for the accuracy of its work.

Today I would like to announce the current members of the Panel of Economic Advisers:

Katharine Abraham
Alan Auerbach
David Autor
Olivier Blanchard
Markus Brunnermeier
Mary Daly
Steven Davis
Kathryn Dominguez
Robert Hall
Jan Hatzius
Donald Kohn
Nellie Liang
Gregory Mankiw
Emi Nakamura
Jonathan Parker
Adam Posen
James Poterba
Valerie Ramey
Brian Sack
Robert Shimer
James Stock
Kevin Warsh
Mark Zandi

Members of CBO’s Panel of Economic Advisers are selected to represent a variety of perspectives so that the agency can gather information and insights from experts with diverse views as well as from the interactions between those experts at panel meetings. The panelists’ affiliations are shown on CBO’s website. CBO requires panelists to disclose to the agency any substantial political activity in which they may be involved and any significant financial interests they may have.

Keith Hall is CBO’s Director.