October 2019

  • CBO examines choices lawmakers would face in establishing a federal tax on the miles traveled by commercial trucks—including choices about the tax base, rate structure, and implementation methods—and illustrates how such a tax might affect the federal budget.

  • Each quarter, CBO provides information about its work in progress. As of October 4, the agency was working on 140 cost estimates for bills in addition to 32 analytic reports and working papers.

  • CBO estimates that the total shipbuilding budget would average $31 billion per year, one-third more than the Navy estimates. The plan would require an increase of more than 50 percent compared with recent shipbuilding budgets.

  • The federal budget deficit was $984 billion in fiscal year 2019, CBO estimates. CBO’s estimate is based on data from the Daily Treasury Statements issued by the Department of the Treasury; the department will report the actual deficit for fiscal year 2019 later this month.