CBO's Panel of Economic Advisers

July 26, 2012

CBO learns from many outside experts. Part of that learning comes through our panels of advisers, a Panel of Economic Advisers and a Panel of Health Advisers, which consist of widely recognized specialists on a range of issues. Those groups—whose membership includes previous CBO directors, other distinguished economists, and acknowledged experts in health care—meet to discuss important analytical issues in their areas of expertise and to advise the agency on its analyses. In addition, from time to time during the year, CBO calls on members of those panels for advice in how to address analytical questions that arise in the preparation of studies and cost estimates. The Panel of Economic Advisers also reviews the agency’s economic forecasts. Although such experts provide considerable assistance, CBO is solely responsible for the accuracy of its work.

Current members of CBO’s Panel of Economic Advisers are:

Raj Chetty, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics and Director of the Lab for Economic Applications and Policy
Harvard University

Menzie D. Chinn, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Affairs and Economics
Robert M. LaFollette School of Public Affairs
University of Wisconsin

Dan L. Crippen, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Governors Association

Steven J. Davis, Ph.D.
William H. Abbott Professor of International Business and Economics
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago

Robert E. Hall, Ph.D.
Robert and Carole McNeil Hoover Senior Fellow and Professor of Economics
Stanford University

Jan Hatzius, Ph.D.
Chief U.S. Economist
Goldman Sachs & Co.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Ph.D.
American Action Forum

Simon Johnson, Ph.D.
Robert A. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Charles I. Jones, Ph.D
STANCO 25 Professor of Economics
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Anil Kashyap, Ph.D.
Edward Eagle Brown Professor of Economics and Finance
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago

Lawrence Katz, Ph.D.
Elisabeth Allison Professor of Economics
Harvard University

Donald Kohn, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Economic Studies Program
Brookings Institution

June O’Neill, Ph.D.
Wollman Distinguished Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the Study of Business and Government
Baruch College

Rudolph G. Penner, Ph.D.
Arjay and Frances Miller Chair in Public Policy and Institute Fellow
The Urban Institute

Adam S. Posen, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
External Member, Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England

James Poterba, Ph.D.
Mitsui Professor of Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research

Joel Prakken, Ph.D.
Macroeconomic Advisers

Carmen M. Reinhart, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics

Alice Rivlin, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
Brookings Institution

Robert Shimer, Ph.D.
Alvin H. Baum Professor in Economics and the College
University of Chicago

Matthew Slaughter, Ph.D.
Signal Companies’ Professor of Management
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Stephen P. Zeldes, Ph.D.
Benjamin M. Rosen Professor of Finance and Economics
Graduate School of Business
Columbia University