Presentation at APPAM's Annual Fall Research Conference

November 3, 2011

This morning Jeffrey Kling, CBO’s Associate Director for Economic Analysis, spoke at the Annual Fall Research Conference of the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management. His presentation—which can be viewed below—focused on CBO’s use of evidence in the analysis of budget and economic policies. The presentation addressed numerous questions, including:

  • How does CBO make projections?
  • What types of evidence does CBO use?
  • How does CBO characterize uncertainty?

To provide a concrete example, he focused on CBO’s analysis of proposals to limit costs related to medical malpractice (see slides 12 through 18), explaining how we incorporated social science research into our analysis. He also discussed the types of evidence that CBO would be able to use more if they were provided by the research community, such as information from critical reviews, experiments, and demonstrations, as well as data that link administrative records about government programs with information from surveys of potential participants in those programs.