Budget and Economic Data

CBO regularly publishes data to accompany some of its key reports. These data have been published in the Budget and Economic Outlook and Updates and in their associated supplemental material, except for that from the Long-Term Budget Outlook.

Long-Term Budget Projections

Extensions of 10-year budget and economic projections for additional decades.

Historical Budget Data

Data on revenues, outlays, and the deficit or surplus from 1965 through the most recent year completed.

10-Year Trust Fund Projections

Trust fund balances projected in CBO’s baseline.

Revenue Projections, by Category

Projections of revenues by category, estimates of the effects of extending tax provisions scheduled to expire within ten years, and estimates of selected policy options affecting revenues. Starting in April 2018, additional information on revenue projection errors and a listing of legislation with significant impacts on federal revenues have been added to the data.

Spending Projections, by Budget Account

Projections of budget authority and outlays at the budget account level, organized by Treasury Identification Number.

Estimates of Automatic Stabilizers

Deficit or surplus with and without CBO’s estimate of automatic stabilizers, and related estimates of GDP and unemployment gaps.

Tax Parameters and Effective Marginal Tax Rates

Parameters used in CBO’s microsimulation tax model and effective marginal tax rates on labor and capital.

10-Year Economic Projections

Projections of output, prices, labor market measures, interest rates, and income.

Potential GDP and Underlying Inputs

Estimates, starting in 1949, of potential GDP (the economy’s maximum sustainable output), the natural rate of unemployment (the rate of unemployment arising from all sources except fluctuations in the overall demand for goods and services), and related measures of the labor supply, capital services, and productivity.

Historical Data and Economic Projections

Data on output, prices, labor market measures, interest rates, income, potential GDP and the inputs that underlie potential GDP from 1949 through the most recent year completed, in comma-separated values (CSV) format files.