Budget Options

Reports on Budget Options

To help inform lawmakers about the budgetary implications of various approaches to altering federal policies, CBO periodically issues a volume of policy options (called Options for Reducing the Deficit) covering a broad range of issues as well as separate reports that include options for changing federal tax and spending policies in particular areas. The options, which are accessible from this page, are derived from many sources and reflect a range of possibilities. For each option, CBO presents an estimate of its effects on the budget but makes no recommendations. Inclusion or exclusion of any particular option does not imply an endorsement or rejection by CBO. This search is updated regularly to include only the most recent version of a particular option.

Title Latest Estimate 10-Year Savings (Billions)
Reduce the Department of Defense’s Budget $248, $517
Reduce the Annual Across-the-Board Adjustment for Federal Civilian Employees’ Pay $58
Reduce the Size of the Bomber Force by Retiring the B-1B $17
Reduce Funding for Naval Ship Construction to Historical Levels  $50
Reduce DoD’s Operation and Maintenance Appropriation (Excluding Funding for the Defense Health Program)  $70, $195
Reduce the Size of the Federal Workforce Through Attrition $35
Reduce the Size of the Fighter Force by Retiring the F-22 $27
Reduce the Size of the Nuclear Triad $8, $9
Cap Increases in Basic Pay for Military Service Members $18
Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act $12
Cancel the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System $18
Cancel the Long-Range Standoff Weapon $11
Replace Some Military Personnel With Civilian Employees $14
Reduce the Basic Allowance for Housing to 80 Percent of Average Housing Costs $15
Defer Development of the B-21 Bomber $32
Cancel Plans to Purchase Additional F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and Instead Purchase F-16s and F/A-18s $13
Use an Alternative Measure of Inflation to Index Social Security and Other Mandatory Programs $202
Cancel Development and Production of the New Missile in the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent Program $24
Modify TRICARE Enrollment Fees and Cost Sharing for Working-Age Military Retirees $11
Stop Building Ford Class Aircraft Carriers $10
Adjust DoD’s and DOE’s Plans for Modernizing Nuclear Forces
End Congressional Direction of Medical Research in the Department of Defense $9
Reduce the Number of Ballistic Missile Submarines $15
Consolidate the Department of Defense's Retail Activities and Provide a Grocery Allowance to Service Members $8