Poverty and Income Security

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) required CBO to comment on reports filed by recipients of ARRA funding about the number of jobs funded by ARRA. CBO’s reports provided the agency’s own estimates of the effects of ARRA on total output and jobs. Public Law 112-204, enacted on December 4, 2012, reduced the required frequency of CBO’s reporting from quarterly to annually over the 2013–2015 period and eliminated the reporting requirement altogether after 2015.

Budget Options

Periodically, CBO produces reference volumes examining options for reducing budget deficits. The volumes include a wide range of options, derived from many sources, for reducing spending and increasing revenues. (Occasionally, the volumes focus on specific areas of the budget, as do many of CBO’s other reports.) For each option, CBO presents an estimate of its effects on the budget and a discussion of its pros and cons but makes no recommendations.

A Budget Options search allows users to search for options by major budget category, budget function, topic, and date. The online search is updated regularly to include only the most recent version of budget options from various CBO reports.

Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes

For households with different levels of income and in various demographic groups, CBO reports estimates of average federal tax rates (federal taxes divided by income), shares of total federal taxes paid, and related measures.