CBO to Release Updated Budget and Economic Outlook on June 18

Posted by
Deborah Kilroe
Caroline Jordan
June 4, 2024

The Congressional Budget Office will publish An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2024 to 2034 on Tuesday, June 18, at 2 p.m. EDT. The report will provide updated 10-year projections of the federal budget and the U.S. economy; CBO last published its budget and economic projections in February 2024.

On June 27 at 2 p.m., CBO will publish An Analysis of the Discretionary Spending Proposals in the President’s 2025 Budget. That report will provide an analysis of how the discretionary spending proposals in the President’s 2025 budget compare with CBO’s updated baseline projections.

Deborah Kilroe is CBO’s Director of Communications and Caroline Jordan is a Communications Associate.