Some Presentations

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Phill Swagel
April 21, 2022

Today, I spoke about what higher inflation means for the fiscal outlook as part of a panel discussion held by J.P. Morgan. I talked about many of the same issues that I discussed last month in a presentation at the Brookings Institution (which was based on a new CBO working paper) and in a letter to Senator Mike Crapo.

Also this month, I will speak to a group of Stanford University students about CBO’s budget and economic analysis during the pandemic as well as the impact of higher inflation and interest rates on the fiscal outlook. On May 3, I will participate in a panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference on the impact of rising debt and deficits on the U.S. economy. And I will discuss similar issues later in May in remarks to the American Business Conference.

Phillip L. Swagel is CBO’s Director.