CBO’s Chorus Participates in the National Christmas Tree Music Program

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Perry Beider
December 20, 2019

Last Friday, members of CBO’s staff gave a public presentation of an unusual kind: not testimony at a Congressional hearing or a summary of research at an academic conference, but 30 minutes of holiday songs as part of the National Park Service’s National Christmas Tree Music Program.

Yes, CBO has a chorus. It was formed decades ago by staff who started meeting during lunch a few weeks before the annual holiday party to prepare for an hour of office caroling. The caroling tradition continues today, and the chorus also sings at CBO’s anniversary party in the spring and at farewell parties. It welcomes all staff (and CBO alumni) who want to share in the fun of offering music and good cheer to their colleagues.

CBO Chorus Singing at the National Christmas Tree

The chorus—like CBO’s softball team, the employees who volunteer to tutor at a nearby elementary school, and the employees who organize blood drives, holiday charity drives, and Race for the Cure bake sales—is an example of the team spirit at CBO that helps keep it regularly listed as one of the best places to work in the federal government.

Perry Beider is a senior adviser in the Microeconomic Studies Division.