CBO Releases New Budget Infographics

Posted by Maureen Costantino and Jonathan Schwabish on
April 18, 2014

For those who are not very familiar with the federal budget, it can be a challenge to find out how much the government spends and takes in each year and what programs and revenue sources account for the largest portions of those budgetary flows. Having just released our latest budget projections for the next 10 years, we thought it would be a good time to update our budget infographics, which provide answers to those questions and others.

If you want to get some key facts about the federal budget for 2013 and a visual history of the federal deficit and debt over the past 40 years, check out:

Perhaps you’re interested in some more detailed information—how receipts from individual income taxes have fluctuated over the past 20 years, for example. Or maybe you want to know how much the government spent on health care programs and defense in 2013 and how such spending has changed over time. To learn about the various components of the federal budget, view CBO’s infographics about:

Maureen Costantino is a visual information and publications specialist in CBO’s Management, Business, and Information Services Division. Jonathan Schwabish is an analyst in CBO’s Microeconomic Studies Division.