Health IT paper redux

Posted on
May 30, 2008

CBO issued a paper on health information technology last week; the blog entry on that paper is here. Unfortunately, when we released the paper, we erroneously left Laura Adams of the Rhode Island Quality Institute off the list of reviewers who were acknowledged in the paper. Laura provided extremely valuable comments, and we are very appreciative of the time and effort she put into helping us improve the quality of the paper.

On the broader topic of reviewers of CBO products, I want to emphasize two things. First, we regularly seek rigorous outside expert review of our studies. Second, reviewers are not responsible for what we say or don't say. As noted in the preface to the health IT paper (and other CBO papers), "The assistance of external reviewers implies neither responsibility for the final product, which rests solely with CBO, nor endorsement of the conclusions of CBOs analysis." In other words, the fact that an expert is listed as outside reviewer does not mean that the reviewer agrees with all (or I suppose even any!) of what appears in the document.