Budget Options

Discretionary Spending Options (Other than those for health-related programs)

Title Latest Estimate
Replacing Military Personnel in Support Positions With Civilian Employees Dec 2015
Change the Share of Income That Tenants Contribute Toward Rent Sep 2015
Increase Funding for Public Housing Agencies’ Administration of Housing Assistance Sep 2015
Increase the Number of Housing Choice Vouchers Sep 2015
Reduce the Number of Housing Choice Vouchers Sep 2015
Require That Recipients of Housing Assistance Participate in a Work Support Program and Give Waiting-List Priority to Applicants Who Work Sep 2015
Cap Increases in Basic Pay for Military Service Members Nov 2014
Defer Development of a New Long-Range Bomber Nov 2014
Eliminate Capital Investment Grants for Transit Systems Nov 2014
Eliminate Certain Forest Service Programs Nov 2014
Eliminate Federal Funding for National Community Service and Senior Community Service Employment Programs Nov 2014
Eliminate Grants to Large and Medium-Sized Airports Nov 2014
Eliminate Human Space Exploration Programs Nov 2014
Eliminate or Reduce Funding for Certain Grants to State and Local Governments Nov 2014
Eliminate Subsidies for Amtrak Nov 2014
Eliminate the International Trade Administration's Trade Promotion Activities Nov 2014
Impose Fees to Cover the Cost of Government Regulations and Charge for Services Provided to the Private Sector Nov 2014
Limit Highway Funding to Expected Highway Revenues Nov 2014
Reduce Department of Energy Funding for Energy Technology Development Nov 2014
Reduce Federal Funding for the Arts and Humanities Nov 2014
Reduce Funding for International Affairs Programs Nov 2014
Reduce the Annual Across-the-Board Adjustment for Federal Civilian Employees' Pay Nov 2014
Reduce the Number of Ballistic Missile Submarines Nov 2014
Reduce the Size of the Federal Workforce Through Attrition Nov 2014
Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act Nov 2014
Replace the Joint Strike Fighter Program With F-16s and F/A-18s Nov 2014
Restrict Pell Grants to the Neediest Students Nov 2014
Stop Building Ford Class Aircraft Carriers Nov 2014
Increase Fees for Aviation Security Nov 2013
Reduce the Size of the Military to Satisfy Caps Under the Budget Control Act Nov 2013
Restrict Pell Grants to Students Who Meet Academic Progress Requirements Sep 2013
Restrict Pell Grants to Students Who Meet More Stringent Academic Eligibility Requirements Sep 2013
Consolidate the Department of Defense's Retail Activities and Provide a Grocery Allowance to Service Members Mar 2011
Consolidate and Encourage Efficiencies in Military Exchanges Aug 2009
Create State Revolving Funds to Finance Rural Water and Waste Disposal Aug 2009
Ease Restrictions on Contracting for Depot Maintenance Aug 2009
Eliminate Administrative Fees Paid to Schools in the Campus-Based Student Aid and Pell Grant Programs Aug 2009
Eliminate General Fiscal Assistance to the District of Columbia Aug 2009
Eliminate National Science Foundation Spending on Elementary and Secondary Education Aug 2009
Eliminate NeighborWorks America Aug 2009
Eliminate Regional Development Agencies Aug 2009
Eliminate the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Aug 2009
Eliminate the Energy Star Program Aug 2009
Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency's Science to Achieve Results Grant Program Aug 2009
Eliminate the Essential Air Service Program Aug 2009
Eliminate the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the Baldrige National Quality Program Aug 2009
Eliminate the Legal Services Corporation Aug 2009
Eliminate the National Park Service's Local Funding for Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid Aug 2009
Eliminate the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign Aug 2009
Impose Fees on the Small Business Administration's Secondary Market Guarantees Aug 2009
Reduce Funding for Research and Development Programs in the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security Aug 2009
Reduce Rent Subsidies for Certain One-Person Households Aug 2009
Restrict First-Responder Grants to High-Risk Communities Aug 2009
Substitute Dependent Education Allowances for Domestic On-Base Schools Aug 2009

Revenue Options (Other than those related to health)

Title Latest Estimate
Repeal the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Sep 2015
Convert the Mortgage Interest Deduction to a 15 Percent Tax Credit Nov 2014
Curtail the Deduction for Charitable Giving Nov 2014
Eliminate Certain Tax Preferences for Education Expenses Nov 2014
Eliminate the Deduction for State and Local Taxes Nov 2014
Eliminate the Tax Exemption for New Qualified Private Activity Bonds Nov 2014
Extend the Period for Depreciating the Cost of Certain Investments Nov 2014
Further Limit Annual Contributions to Retirement Plans Nov 2014
Implement a New Minimum Tax on Adjusted Gross Income Nov 2014
Include All Income That U.S. Citizens Earn Abroad in Taxable Income Nov 2014
Increase All Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages to $16 per Proof Gallon Nov 2014
Increase Corporate Income Tax Rates by 1 Percentage Point Nov 2014
Increase Excise Taxes on Motor Fuels by 35 Cents and Index for Inflation Nov 2014
Increase Individual Income Tax Rates Nov 2014
Increase Taxes That Finance the Federal Share of the Unemployment Insurance System Nov 2014
Increase the Maximum Taxable Earnings for the Social Security Payroll Tax Nov 2014
Increase the Payroll Tax Rate for Medicare Hospital Insurance by 1 Percentage Point Nov 2014
Limit the Value of Itemized Deductions Nov 2014
Lower the Investment Income Limit for the Earned Income Tax Credit and Extend That Limit to the Refundable Portion of the Child Tax Credit Nov 2014
Modify the Rules for the Sourcing of Income From Exports Nov 2014
Raise the Tax Rates on Long-Term Capital Gains and Dividends by 2 Percentage Points Nov 2014
Repeal Certain Tax Preferences for Extractive Industries Nov 2014
Repeal the Deduction for Domestic Production Activities Nov 2014
Repeal the “LIFO” and “Lower of Cost or Market” Inventory Accounting Methods Nov 2014
Tax Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits in the Same Way That Distributions From Defined Benefit Pensions Are Taxed Nov 2014
Use an Alternative Measure of Inflation to Index Some Parameters of the Tax Code Nov 2014
Determine Foreign Tax Credits on a Pooling Basis Nov 2013
Expand Social Security Coverage to Include Newly Hired State and Local Government Employees Nov 2013
Impose a Fee on Large Financial Institutions Nov 2013
Impose a Tax on Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Nov 2013
Impose a Tax on Financial Transactions Nov 2013
Include Employer-Paid Premiums for Income Replacement Insurance in Employees' Taxable Income Nov 2013
Include Investment Income From Life Insurance and Annuities in Taxable Income Nov 2013
Tax All Pass-Through Business Owners Under SECA and Impose a Material Participation Standard Nov 2013
Tax Carried Interest as Ordinary Income Nov 2013
Defer Interest Deductions Related to Deferred Income Jan 2013
Eliminate Check-the-Box Rules Jan 2013
Tax the Worldwide Income of U.S. Corporations as It Is Earned Jan 2013
Eliminate the Subchapter S Option and Tax Limited Liability Companies as C Corporations Dec 2012
Treat Large Pass-Through Entities as C Corporations Dec 2012
Raise the DI Tax Rate by 0.4 Percentage Points Jul 2012
Gradually Eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction Mar 2011
Impose a 5 Percent Value-Added Tax Mar 2011
Include Social Security Benefits in Calculating the Phase-Out of the EITC Mar 2011
Reinstate the Superfund Taxes Mar 2011
Replace the Tax Exclusion for Interest Income on State and Local Bonds With a Direct Subsidy for the Issuer Mar 2011
Set the Corporate Income Tax Rate at 35 Percent for All Corporations Mar 2011
Cap Nonprofit Organizations' Outstanding Stock of Tax-Exempt Bonds Aug 2009
Eliminate Tax Subsidies for Child and Dependent Care Aug 2009
Eliminate the Additional Standard Deduction for Elderly and Blind Taxpayers Aug 2009
Eliminate the EITC for People Who Do Not Live With Children Aug 2009
Eliminate the Tax Exclusion for Employment-Based Life Insurance Aug 2009
End the Preferential Treatment of Dividends Paid on Stock Held in Employee Stock Ownership Plans Aug 2009
Finance the Food Safety and Inspection Service Solely Through Fees Aug 2009
Impose a Tax on Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides Aug 2009
Impose a Tax on Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide Aug 2009
Limit Deductions for Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Assets to the Gifts' Tax Basis Aug 2009
Require Self-Employed People and Employees to Pay the Same Amounts in Payroll Taxes Aug 2009
Tax Large Credit Unions in the Same Way as Other Thrift Institutions Aug 2009
Tax Qualified Sponsorship Payments to Postsecondary Sports Programs Aug 2009
Tax the Federal Home Loan Banks Under the Corporate Income Tax Aug 2009
Tax the Income Earned by Public Electric Utilities Aug 2009

Health Options

Title Latest Estimate
Repeal the Individual Health Insurance Mandate Sep 2015
Repealing the Affordable Care Act Jun 2015
Change the Cost-Sharing Rules for Medicare and Restrict Medigap Insurance Nov 2014
Increase Premiums for Parts B and D of Medicare Nov 2014
Increase the Excise Tax on Cigarettes by 50 Cents per Pack Nov 2014
Introduce Minimum Out-of-Pocket Requirements Under TRICARE for Life Nov 2014
Limit Medical Malpractice Torts Nov 2014
Modify TRICARE Enrollment Fees and Cost Sharing for Working-Age Military Retirees Nov 2014
Reduce or Constrain Funding for the National Institutes of Health Nov 2014
Require Manufacturers to Pay a Minimum Rebate on Drugs Covered Under Part D of Medicare for Low-Income Beneficiaries Nov 2014
Add a "Public Plan" to the Health Insurance Exchanges Nov 2013
Bundle Medicare's Payments to Health Care Providers Nov 2013
Convert Medicare to a Premium Support System Nov 2013
Eliminate Exchange Subsidies for People With Income Over 300 Percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines Nov 2013
End Enrollment in VA Medical Care for Veterans in Priority Groups 7 and 8 Nov 2013
Impose Caps on Federal Spending for Medicaid Nov 2013
Raise the Age of Eligibility for Medicare to 67 Nov 2013
Reduce Tax Preferences for Employment-Based Health Insurance Nov 2013
Adopt a Voucher Plan and Slow the Growth of Federal Contributions for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Mar 2011
Consolidate and Reduce Federal Payments for Graduate Medical Education Costs at Teaching Hospitals Mar 2011
Eliminate the Critical Access Hospital, Medicare-Dependent Hospital, and Sole Community Hospital Programs in Medicare Mar 2011
Reduce Medicare's Payment Rates Across the Board in High-Spending Areas Mar 2011
Title: Cap Increases in Basic Pay for Military Service Members