H.R. 4156, Transparent Airfares Act of 2014

Cost Estimate
April 18, 2014

As ordered reported by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure on April 9, 2014

H.R. 4156 would require the Department of Transportation (DOT) to promulgate a rule related to how prices for certain types of air transportation are advertised. Under current policies, DOT requires that advertised prices for air travel reflect the total price per passenger to be paid by customers, including government-imposed taxes and fees. Under H.R. 4156, sellers of air transportation could instead advertise base airfares, provided that advertisements also disclose the amount of additional government-imposed taxes and fees that customers would pay.

CBO estimates that enacting H.R. 4156 would have no significant effect on the federal budget. Based on information from DOT we estimate that any costs incurred to complete the proposed rulemaking, which would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds, would be insignificant. H.R. 4156 would not affect direct spending or revenues; therefore, pay-as-you-go procedures do not apply.

H.R. 4156 contains no intergovernmental or private-sector mandates as defined in the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act and would impose no costs on state, local, or tribal governments.